Our terms and conditions

Payment Terms:
For supply of wood we will ask for payment upon delivery to the address where it is to be installed. Payment for the rest of the works will be payable upon completion of the job. Wood supply only we will require payment before delivery.

Primo Ordo offers a 12 month guarantee on all works carried out by the company (see terms and conditions)

Any expansion/shrinkage occurring due to lack of care during installation:
i) excess moisture content in screed prior to/during installation
ii) allowing a minimum of 12mm expansion                        
iii) our negligence in advising of any known leakage prior to installation
iv) our negligence in not observing correct moisture content in wood which has been supplied by Primo Ordo

i) water damage due to leakage from any household appliances
ii) any external moisture permeating due to lack of maintenance of said property eg insufficient damp course, drainage - guttering/down pipes
iii) incorrect maintenance of floor eg excess water when cleaning *
iv) excessive high room temperature causing wood to shrink *

Any faults/damage to finished floor:
i) excessive scratches in finished floor due to our lack of care during and after installation and resurfacing
ii) any wear due to insufficient sealant/oil/wax coverage or incorrect application of sealant/oil/wax
iii) any gaps/cracks in flooring inadvertently missed during resurfacing

i) damage caused by improper care on finished surface eg heavy furniture being dragged/dropped
ii) excessive wear caused by grit/shingle embedded in shoe treads *
iii) any discolouration caused by intense direct sunlight
iv) damage caused by any furniture with sharp metal points or small area of weight distribution continually moved over finished area eg chairs *

* see maintenance sheet for advice           



















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