Our services

We will come and perform an on site survey where we will advise on any issues the client may have, if it’s a new installation this will include the appropriate moisture tests in the sub floor (concrete screed) and advise if any treatment should be carried out before the flooring is installed.

We will provide a wide range of samples for you to choose from and offer advice if required on which wood suits the environment best. We would be happy for you to source your own wood but the guarantee will only cover the install and finish that Primo Ordo carry out.

Once the choice of wood has been made the type of finish needs to be decided upon and how the flooring will be fixed.

We will then compile into a quote all the works needed and either post or e-mail it to you.

Once you've approved it we'll agree a timescale and get the project underway.

To find out more just give us a call or use our online enquiry form.

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