Q: Why choose a solid hardwood floor over laminate?
A: Although a solid wood floor is more expensive than laminate you are getting a floor for life where as with laminate you will have to replace as you do with carpet as it wears.

Q: Does it require ongoing maintenance?
A: All hardwood floors need maintenance from time to time but the sealed finish on our floors should not need anymore than a sweep over occasionally with a soft brush. If after about 10 years it starts to look a little dull you can simply have another coat of seal applied.

Q: What types of finish are available?
A: The most popular choice is a water based seal which comes in satin, matt or gloss, also oiled and wax finishes are available.

Q: I have an existing wood floor under carpet, can it be sanded and how dusty will it be?
A: Yes, in most cases even the most neglected floors can be brought back to the way they were all those years ago. The whole sanding process is 98% dust free using the latest technology available.

Q: Should we decorate before or after sanding?
A: It is perfectly okay to decorate before (except skirting boards) as long as the decorating process is carried out a few days prior to sanding as some fine dust can stick to the painted surface if it is not fully dried.

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