Types of finishes to choose from for hardwood flooring

1. Bona Traffic – A two component waterborne 100% polyurethane finish for use in commercial premises; where a very high resistance to wear is required. Traffic Matt provides a clear natural appearance giving “invisible protection” and the look of an oiled floor, but unlike oil offers years of virtually maintenance-free protection. Traffic Silk Matt has a higher sheen level but all the qualities of the matt version (contains less than 10% solvents).

2. Bona Mega – A one component waterborne 100% polyurethane oxygen cross-linking finish for use in commercial and domestic environments subject to heavy wear. As cross-linking is achieved using the oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two component finish without requiring any adding of hardener. Available in Gloss, Silk Matt and Matt finish (contains less than 5% solvents).

3. Bona Novia – A one component waterborne finish, for use in domestic areas subject to normal/heavy wear and brings out a warm colouration to many timbers.

4. Bona Naturale Base – Bona Naturale is the next generation of wooden floor protection, it combines the best from wood oil, hard wax, oil and waterborne finishes with a unique natural look and feel. The Base is designed to be applied before the Naturale 2 this will reduce the risk of issues like side-bonding and discolouration. Bona Naturale Base is partly made of renewable resources and has less than 10% solvents.

5. Bona Naturale 2 - A two component waterborne finish for use in commercial premises subject to heavy wear, used in conjunction with Base it has all the advantages of a durable waterborne environmentally sound system.

6. Bona Naturale – A one component waterborne finish for use in domestic areas subject to medium or   heavy wear. The unique composition of Bona Naturale creates the look and feel of pure wood. Bona Naturale is partly made of renewable resources and has less than 5% solvents.

7. Oil – Comes in many forms: Hardening tall oils from pine trees and hardwax oils these generally contain more solvents than sealers.

8. Paste Wax – One of the oldest forms of floor protection and the least expensive compared to today’s sealers. Usually applied on top of a Barrier seal and then buffed to the desired sheen. Many applications of wax will be required over the years to build up adequate protection and requires ongoing maintenance on a regular basis.

9. Stains and Dyes – If a certain colour of finish is required the wood can be stained prior to sealing generally any colour can be produced either with off the shelf stains or spirit based dyes which can be diluted to produce the required look. It is worth bearing in mind that the spirit based dyes have a high level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which produce strong vapours during application and during drying.

Primo Ordo always attempt to source and use environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

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